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.......a community where the broken become healers

.......the poor become abundant producers

.......the outcasts become family

.......a unified community that cares across divides


Real Hope for the Future, Real Help for Today, Real Freedom and Respect.

Can you imagine these? 

Because this is what we imagine: 

Working together as a community where those who are in need can be directed to all kinds of help: physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, medical, rehab, marital, family, career, education.

But…we will have to carefully note what divides us now. If we are willing, we can identify where we genuinely can’t work together…and yet at the same time, then, by careful discussion…where we can.

Will you come and journey with us for the sake of Frederick and the surrounding community?

As conservative Christians my wife and I are most deeply motivated by our personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior through His death and resurrection. While there are many in Frederick who would say the same, there are many who would not. However, we are still united as neighbors and citizens under the 1st Amendment’s protection for all of us to worship and speak according to our convictions. We can all be committed to the principle that no one should be coerced against their will to believe something or to feel forced to act like they do. Such proselytizing is unacceptable. At the same time, are we not all spiritual, emotional and moral beings? If we are to help those who are struggling with poverty, addiction, abuse or brokenness, should we not help in every way they need and desire help? Spiritual help for those interested can be life changing. For us that means that if asked and when appropriate we would share out of our spiritual experience any lessons and truths we have found in Jesus Christ. However, we recognize that others would not share the same lessons.  Freedom of conscience is vital to a community of respect.  

Let’s build some solid Bridges of trust and respect!

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