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Crossed Bridges Goal:  

Drive down the local opioid (and other substance) death and overdose rate by uniting volunteer efforts, community and faith organizations behind a united Frederick community leadership that has answered the question, “who is reducing their opioid death rate and what is making the difference”.


Frederick County Statistics (2022)

44 deaths total 

158 non-fatal overdoses 

Initial Important Responses


Peer Recovery Specialists - 200+ trained; 83% connection rate to services

(Peer Recovery Specialists are at FMH, Court, Detention Ctr, CAA, Way station)

Drug Court - over 200 graduates

Drug Take Back Events - over 5000 lbs collected per year

Law Enforcement (Narcotics unit)- 22 cases, 20 arrests, 121.4 grams heroin seized

These resources describe both what caused the Opioid Crisis and how does any community respond. They define the problem and the continuum of care for those in need


How Can My Church Help?

Churches bring a unique perspective on what affects people.  

How Can I or My Organization Help?

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